Having worked with a wide range of property repairs and rebuilds throughout the Canterbury earthquake recovery, we understand the challenges and stresses homeowners have faced.

And while we’re proud of our record of support for the Canterbury rebuild to date, we recognise that the repairs and rebuilds still outstanding are some of the most complex.

That’s why we’re bringing our experience – from negotiating with insurers to get the best results for homeowners, to dealing with unique and challenging engineering and repair processes – to an entirely new service.

With Jim the Builders’ specialist earthquake repair service, we’ll take care of the whole process and drive forward through every element – from settlement, to design, to completion – until you get the results you want.

We know this has been a drawn-out and stressful process for you. So we want to get the solution that allows you to do more than just move on with your life. Our aim is to ensure you finally get the results, satisfaction and enjoyment of your property that you deserve.

Talk to us today about our comprehensive earthquake rebuild and repair service.
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